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Fabric Banners


Inspired by Nepalese prayer flags, these cheerful fellows will bring a glimmer of joy and peace wherever they hang.


Mixed media: screenprint, woodblock, acrylic wash.




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Spring Bird Banner

7 feet wide, each panel is 6" x 6".


Goes great across a wide doorway or to brighten up a porch. Will brighten any room or space!

spring bird banner
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Inspiring bird flag

Fall Birds

Set of 3 different vignettes, handmade original print on fabric.
Each panel is 6" x 6"

Created in a limited edition, order today, before they all fly away!


Made by hand in Denver, CO by yours truly.

fall bird flag
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Chakra Banner - patterns and colors inspired by the 7 yoga chakras.


Woodcut with acrylic wash.

Each panel measures 12" x 12". Banner is approx 10 feet long.


Will brighten any room or space!

Chakra Banner
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