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Chakra Banner - patterns and colors inspired by the 7 yoga chakras.


Colorful woodblock print on fabric with acrylic wash.

Each panel measures approx 10" x 10".

Banner is approx 10 feet long.


Perfect thing to brighten any space. Will not run or wash out with water.


Chakra Banner

Woodblock prints on fabric. Perfect thing to brighten any space.

Chakra banner
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Inspiring bird flag

Fall Birds

Set of 3 different vignettes, handmade original print on fabric.
Each panel is 6" x 6"

Created in a limited edition, order today, before they all fly away!


Made by hand in Denver, CO by yours truly.

fall bird flag
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Fabric Banners


Inspired by Nepalese prayer flags, these cheerful fellows will bring a glimmer of joy and peace wherever they hang.


Mixed media: screenprint, woodblock, acrylic wash.


Spring Bird Banner

7 feet wide, each panel is 6" x 6".


Goes great across a wide doorway or to brighten up a porch. Will brighten any room or space!

spring bird banner
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