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Welcome to the Jen G Studios website! :*)

The time of your life!

what are you waiting for...?


Are you ever so consumed with how much you have to do, that you're almost paralyzed and don't even know where to begin?
I have that right now.
Thinking and planning and scheduling so many things at once,
but it's all good things!!  And I LOVE what I do!!
That's why it doesn't really feel like 'work', kinda...
Here's the short list, for the full version go to my events and workshops page.
See you around soon! :)
TrueWest, invitational exhibition
Dairy Block, Downtown Denver
January 9 - 25, opening reception January 10 6-9 pm
Abstract 2020

Niza Knoll Gallery, 915 Santa Fe Dr.
January 3 - February 15, Artist reception January 17, 6-8 pm



Imprint Print Educators Exhibition in conjunction with Month of Printmaking 

Arvada Center for the Arts

January 16 - March 29, opening reception January 16, 6-9 pm



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2019 designs and blocks are in production!

Stay tuned for more info soon


Plus --->NEW ways to shop! 


visit Jen G studios at Society 6

You can find rugs, mugs, pillows, and more...

we now have YOGA MATS!!


PRINTMAKING is a fine art process of applying ink to a plate or matrix, and transferring the image to a substrate - paper, fabric, wood, or other material.


The artist is capable of producing multiples of the same image, which is called an edition. Each piece produced can be a near-replica of the last, or completely different from the next. Regardless, a print is an original work of art. Printmaking is chosen for the unique qualities that each of the processes lends itself to.


Printmaking processes: monotype, monoprint, relief (woodcut and linoleum cut) Silkscreen (screenprint, serigraphy), Intaglio (dry point, etching, collagraph), lithography - just to name a few...


Want to learn more? Take a workshop! Spring 2015 schedule will be posted very soon! Visit my WEBSITE and BLOG and for more details. 

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