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Welcome to the Jen G Studios website! :*)


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can't stop won't stop!!

For several years now I have wanted to work with patterns, but got caught up in the whys. "why this pattern? what does it mean or symbolize? why this shape? what size?"  on and on...
It's the debilitating inner monologue that artists deal with, the over analyzing of every single thing that prevents us from even making that first mark.

So I finally decided, just start! I picked patterns that reflected some of my favorite places: I grew up in New Mexico, and have enjoyed memorable trips to Cairo, Venice, Lisbon, and Barcelona. These patterns were translated into linoleum blocks, and printed as backgrounds for shaped figurative woodblocks. I am so happy with the results!!

You can see this new body of work in a group exhibition at the A.R. Mitchell Museum on Main Street in Trinidad, Colorado. We are having a Printmaking Summit shindig on May 3 & 4, I encourage you to take a break from everything and come join us for this creative event.

That brings us to the Month of Printmaking, happening right now all over the greater Denver area. I have been helping behind the scenes with a lot of planning and coordinating for nearly two years now, and it's great that it's finally here!

THIS SATURDAY  (March 9) we will be at the Denver Botanic Gardens from 9-3 for our Open Portfolio and Print Sale. This is a fantastic event, and they planned it on a FREE day, so everyone could come and see all of the artwork. We will have 78 artists with their prints to show and tell and sell, an artist's lecture at 11,
a papermaking activity at noon, and much more.

I have been printing new napkin designs, translated these patterns to kitchen towels and tote bags, so I am excited to have lots of new things for this event.



PRINTMAKING is a fine art process of applying ink to a plate or matrix, and transferring the image to a substrate - paper, fabric, wood, or other material.


The artist is capable of producing multiples of the same image, which is called an edition. Each piece produced can be a near-replica of the last, or completely different from the next. Regardless, a print is an original work of art. Printmaking is chosen for the unique qualities that each of the processes lends itself to.


Printmaking processes: monotype, monoprint, relief (woodcut and linoleum cut) Silkscreen (screenprint, serigraphy), Intaglio (dry point, etching, collagraph), lithography - just to name a few...


Want to learn more? Take a workshop! Visit my events and workshops page for more details. 


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