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Welcome to the Jen G Studios website! :*)


~~~ and so, anew ~~~


Taking some very necessary time to relax, recover and regroup, I've been reflecting on 2016 with deep gratitude and appreciation, while foreseeing 2017 prospects to be enriching and rewarding.


I strive to work better, vs. harder; I wish to be stronger, not for things to be easier; I strive to utilize, rather than consume; simplify and prioritize.


New things will emerge this Spring, as I will be an artist-in-residence at the Museum of Outdoor Arts, in Englewood.  My focus will shift into my personal artwork again, developing a series that explores longing and desire through photographs digitally printed onto fabric layers. Well, that is my starting point anyway, I never really know where the art process will guide me, though, and I enjoy the exploration. I wish for my artwork to evoke and inspire.


What better time to learn some new art making skills than right now! Check out the 'workshops' page, as well as my blog for a complete listing. Space is limited, resister today!


AND some fresh things will spring forth from Jen G Studios in the very near future as well! I've been busy in the studio working on new happy little things you are sure to love - check back very soon!!! ;)


NEW ways to shop!  visit Jen G studios at Society 6

You can find rugs, mugs, pillows, and more!



PRINTMAKING is a fine art process of applying ink to a plate or matrix, and transferring the image to a substrate - paper, fabric, wood, or other material.


The artist is capable of producing multiples of the same image, which is called an edition. Each piece produced can be a near-replica of the last, or completely different from the next. Regardless, a print is an original work of art. Printmaking is chosen for the unique qualities that each of the processes lends itself to.


Printmaking processes: monotype, monoprint, relief (woodcut and linoleum cut) Silkscreen (screenprint, serigraphy), Intaglio (dry point, etching, collagraph), lithography - just to name a few...


Want to learn more? Take a workshop! Spring 2015 schedule will be posted very soon! Visit my WEBSITE and BLOG and for more details. 

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