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My approach to artmaking typically begins with an image paired with a printmaking process - screenprint, woodcut, intaglio, monotype, or any combination thereof. I also employ sewn elements, acrylic wash effects, hand coloring, and encaustic wax when necessary.


Mixed media prints and installations, paper and fabric.


Great for the home, office, and small commercial space - anywhere that needs a little splash of color and inspiration!


Commissions, custom projects, and special orders are welcome!



Thank you for your patience as I work on revamping and updating this page.

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treescape, green background

Very cute and original, this one-of-a-kind artwork will brighten any place where it hangs!

Mixed media print on paper with machine stitching.
Mounted to wood panel, and a layer of encaustic wax on the surface.
Edges are finished with gray acrylic paint.


1 3/4"w x 6 3/4"h x 1/4"d

threads hang down about 4-5 inches

skinny green
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Two Love Birds

Warm and lovely, this work of art is a reflection of so many unspoken moments. The gesture is one of many moods and feelings we all know too well.


Original woodblock print on paper, with screenprint tree branches, and machine sewing over the birds. Watercolor wash effects add a unique atmosphere and set the mood of the conversation between these two.


14" x 18" x 1"

two love birds
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