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Welcome to the Jen G Studios website! :*)

September segue

As we bid farewell to summer and all of the craziness and/or relaxation (depending on your life!), September is a welcome transition of seasons, new schedules, and settling in. I am teaching college level art classes for the University of Denver, workshops at the Art Students League, and gearing up for what will hopefully be an awesome holiday season.


I am also looking forward to showing my work in a group exhibition next month – hooray! Reinventing the Image opens Saturday October 15, artist’s reception is 6-9 pm at the Museum of Outdoor Art in the Englewood Civic Center.


Concluding my 2-year residency at RedLine, I feel extremely fortunate to share a studio space just across the street at the Temple, a contemporary artist haven in the RiNo Arts District. While it is not open/accessible to the public, I am so grateful and inspired to be surrounded by other working artists and creative people.


I read this quote recently, “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” (Simon Sinek)


So, what are you passionate about?  I often think about how we spend our time and energy, what motivates us, how we may move through life filled with obligations, expectations, and doing what we think we ‘should’ be doing… how can we maintain a balance of serving others, yet reserving some of our valuable time and energy for ourselves?!



PRINTMAKING is a fine art process of applying ink to a plate or matrix, and transferring the image to a substrate - paper, fabric, wood, or other material.


The artist is capable of producing multiples of the same image, which is called an edition. Each piece produced can be a near-replica of the last, or completely different from the next. Regardless, a print is an original work of art. Printmaking is chosen for the unique qualities that each of the processes lends itself to.


Printmaking processes: monotype, monoprint, relief (woodcut and linoleum cut) Silkscreen (screenprint, serigraphy), Intaglio (dry point, etching, collagraph), lithography - just to name a few...


Want to learn more? Take a workshop! Spring 2015 schedule will be posted very soon! Visit my WEBSITE and BLOG and for more details. 

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